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Feb 4, 2013 12:30am EST
will metastasize and candidly to metastasize. we are seeing growth in the energy sector, gas, oil, you're always finding new fields. donna is a great example -- ghana is a great example. there are other places in west africa. there is potential for oil and gas up in certain quadrants between the borders of mali and mauritania and niger. of western companies out looking for this, exxon mall -- exxon mobile, diamond offshore, statoil. if you start seeing attacks like the one in algeria, that will cause some impact economically. you'll see that. the other thing is -- i know i use france as an example -- from a threat base, you have ten% -- 10% of the french population as northern african. you have individuals in these groups that are sympathetic to the islamist cause in the region. you keep this unchecked, it will have a migration. there is a potential for attacks in europe. whether they are carrying a french passport or whatever passport -- have to look at this in a holistic way. also, if we continue to allow this black market to faster, that is going to continue. a good chunk of co
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1